Dosage Forms and Strengths

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One of the main things to keep in mind about Cialis is the strength of the medication. The point is that Cialis is produced in different dosages.

Four strengths of film-coated, almond-shaped tablets are available on the market. The tablets are of different sizes and different shades of yellow.

2.5-mg tablets debossed with “C 2 1/2”

5-mg tablets debossed with “C 5”

10-mg tablets debossed with “C 10”

20-mg tablets debossed with “C 20”

A male takes a pill that works as it is intended to, still maximum strength means increased rate of side effects. That is why it is important not to exceed the recommended dose.

Cialis is available in small doses 2.5 mg and 5 mg tablets, the strength of which fits the majority of people with ED. It is easy to start with min dose which is usually recommended by doctors. Small doses are usually taken daily, while higher strengths are recommended for use as needed and for more serious problems with potency.

We advise to consult your doctor to determine the right dose for you.

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