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What does sex mean for your body and health?
The penile tissues are the muscle in the body, which stays active and tough when a man is young. With time this muscle like any other muscle in the body gets flabby and torpid.
A man experiences problem to make the penis active and rigid for sexual activity. This may happen due to many reasons including reduced muscle tone, inadequate blood flow, nerve damage and others.
When the problem appears
The fact is, if a man uses the organ infrequently, the muscle gets senseless and stagnant.
To improve the erection quality a man should train this muscle regularly by sending the blood to it.
The natural way to train the penile muscle is to have erections and sexual activity.
Having more sex
Having more sex means having longer sexual activity and healthier way of living.
The quality of erections remains the same as in the 30s and 40s in men in their 60s if they have regular sexual intercourses.
ED or erectile dysfunction happens when there is inadequate blood supply to the penis. When a man uses the organ often, he is less likely to experience any erectile difficulties.
Researches and facts
According to one great research, conducted by Finnish experts, men, who engage in frequent sexual activity, did not suffer from any sexual problems including erectile dysfunction.
Experts foster men to be more sexually active regardless from their age.
It is also supposed that those men, who have sex only once a week or less, are at greater risk for ED developing.
Those who have sex as more as 3 times a day are less susceptible to diseases of sexual health.

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